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Anyone who knows me will know that I am not a natural hair expert. I don’t claim to know everything about natural hair, the science behind it and all that good stuff. To be honest, I personally find it abit dull! I am not the person who can spend hours researching and talking about ‘4c’ hair, ‘afro’ hair. Nope, I am not #team natural, I am more #teamjusthavehair! I am not criticising people who do love talking about natural hair, ‘pre-poos’, ‘co-washing’, ‘tex-laxing’ and other things that I may have missed. If you love talking about it, go ‘head girl, but don’t be offended if my eyes glaze over in the first 10 seconds of the conversation! Just keeping it real here!

When I had my daughter, I really didn’t know where to start. People gave me various pieces of advice, but I wanted my daughter to have healthy hair and I still do. I knew that I couldn’t treat her hair like I treat my natural hair.

After I found products which had great reviews for afro hair, and used them on my daughter’s hair, I have noticed that her hair has started to grow, and feels healthier. It was breaking before I started a haircare regime for her. I am learning so much. I am using these products on my hair as well.

Here are the 4 products which have worked, and maybe you can try some and see if they work for you. These products can work for all types of hair, whether straight to curly, from fine to super thick hair.



Women of colour especially black women have used coconut oil for their hair for years…i was just late to the party! Coconut oil is great for helping your hair to retain moisture and sealing the moisture in. It is a light oil so it doesn’t weigh down your hair. I cannot stand the smell of coconut, however, it really helps in keeping your hair looking and feeling healthy, so I get over the smell! From my research, it says that coconut oil also makes your hair stronger because it is able to bind to the natural protein structure of the hair, and this is a great benefit. It also adds a great shine to your hair.

The best coconut oil to use is cold pressed or virgin coconut oil. You really do not want to use refined or heavily processed coconut oil. A good test to see if coconut oil is virgin oil is if it turns solid and white in cold temperatures, and in warm temperatures, it becomes liquid.



I love this cream because I find that it defines curls whilst leaving your hair soft, shiny and manageable. The first thing I do when I buy hair products is look at the ingredients.  This product contains Shea Butter and doesn’t have harsh chemicals such as Mineral Oil, Sulfates, Parabens, and Silicone which are not good for afro hair. The main ingredient is water which is always a good thing! It is lightweight and smells nice. It is great for all types of hair and it moisturises your hair, making it more soft and manageable.



Oh I love this product. I use it every day for my daughter’s hair and her hair loves it. The smell is divine. It is a strong smell but I love the smell. It is moisturising and very light on your hair. It doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy. My daughter’s hair stopped breaking and the quality of her hair has improved drastically. It also prevents split ends because it is moisturising. It has shea butter and argan oil without the harsh chemicals. You can use it as a leave in conditioner or a wash out conditioner. I use it as a leave in conditioner, and it works really well. From reviews. it also works on European hair too. The great news is that you can find it in hair shops in the UK now.



Shea butter has excellent moisturising properties. It is great for moisturising hair and your skin. Black hair tends to be drier than any other type of hair because of its texture. I find that this product is great for locking in that moisture after I have washed my daughter’s hair. I use this when her hair is still damp. It absorbs into the hair very well. However, a little goes a long way. If you use too much, you can end up looking like a greaseball! You can use whipped shea butter but I use it in its natural form. It is yellow and solid at room temperature, so I just take a small amount, rub it between my hands to warm it up and once it has melted, I apply it to the desired section of hair or scalp. It is definitely worth investing in. Beware of product build-up, so I would recommend washing your hair once a week, or every fortnight to clean your hair and your scalp.


All these products are available on Amazon and in Hair Shops.

What products do you use for your hair? Are there any products you can recommend?


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